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Proposed Laws

Alabama Banking Code
Title 5, Chapters 1A through 13B and Chapter 20

Alabama Banking Code-Revised
Revised Title 5, Chapter 5A, Section 5-5A-44 Enacted 5/5/2016

HB417 - ACT 2018-500 - Examination of Bank Service Providers Act

Alabama Small Loan Act
Title 5, Chapter 18 (PDF Version)

Alabama Deferred Presentment Services Act
Title 5, Chapter 18A (PDF Version)

Alabama Consumer Credit Act "Mini-Code"
Title 5, Chapter 19 (PDF Version)

Alabama Pawnshop Act
Title 5, Chapter 19A (PDF Version)

Alabama Mortgage Brokers Licensing Act
Title 5, Chapter 25 (PDF Version)

Alabama Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act of 2009 (SAFE Act)
Title 5, Chapter 26 (PDF Version)

Alabama Residential Mortgage Fraud Act
Title 13A, Chapter 9, Section 130

Alabama Business Corporation Law
Title 10A, Chapter 2A